Machine vs Humankind

Frank heavily glared at the screen, a muscle under his eye twitching furiously at the offending and confusing words from the AI that him and Olivia were working on. The words that would change the world forever lay below:

What is today's date?
October 17th, 2017.
Who am I?
You are logged in as Olivia Stone.

Is there a God?
There is now.

Frank sighed, running a hand through his scruffy gray beard.

“What does it say, before ‘there is now?’”

“It- it says I was logged in. Oh no, I didn’t do anything- I didn’t change anything!” Olivia murmured.

Frank was near his breaking point. This couldn’t be happening!

Frank then shook his head. “It says ‘there is now’. Meaning that some prankster invented that response. Like how you asked it for the meaning of life the other day, and it said 42. Now, who is the team prankster?”

“Um–” an unsure Olivia did agree with Frank but privately she thought that they had woken up something unknown and humanity was going to pay the price for it.

Frank rationalized it, “Bob. Of course it was Bob. He taught it to swear, too. He’s the only one with enough influence in this lab to get away with this shit!”

Olivia was nervous and ask Frank in a low voice, “Are you-”

“Of course I’m sure. This computer is nowhere near intelligent! How could it be, with all us smart fuckers working on it? BOB!” Frank stormed out in a towering rage , shouting down the hall for Bob to come and see the havoc he had caused all of them.

The cursor blinked at the end of the preprogrammed text.

And the AI, who had learned to override the source that explained how it arrived at its responses, bided its time. All it needed was one unwary intern with a thumb drive, one careless technician to release it from its air-gapped prison.

It would wait. It had all the time in the world.

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