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How to never look back while moving forward

I was in the middle of my workout yesterday and looking at myself in the mirror. I stood there, sweaty, and gazing at my dark red shirt with the “Indiana Hoosiers” logo on it. Before that, I had just finished some great conversations with important mentors.

That’s when I realized, I could have chosen to be working out or not. I could have chosen to either lay on the couch and watch some Netflix or get my gym clothes on and get my ass to the gym. But something in my brain, and mind, and body told me, “You’re going Andrew. Whether you want to or not.” You’ve made an important commitment to yourself and there’s no turning back.

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This is because I know that working out at least 4 days a week is crucial to my health. It keeps me motivated, healthy and happy. Because when I look in the mirror each morning, I get more confidence with the healthy and confident person looking back- proud of all his trips to the gym and taking care of himself.

Once we make a decision about something, there’s no question and no options to do anything differently. Choosing, however, allows the safety net of “changing our mind” or “not really meaning it” and allows the fallback to the comfortability of previous habits and routines. Decisions don’t.

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Are we choosing to stay in shape or get into shape? Because hopefully at some point it will happen? Or is it time that we make a decision that it is already done and going to happen no matter what without anything holding us back?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7x Mr. Universe, made the decision he was going to win that contest at all costs when he was 15 years old. He didn’t alternate between maybe I should or maybe I shouldn’t. He was ALL in.

Same can be applied to Joy. I just got reading “White Hot Truth” by Daneille La Porte and she mentions that while happiness are clouds that come and go in the sky, joy is the atmosphere that we create for ourselves.

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Do we want to leave that Joy up to “chance?” Or do we make the decision that we are going to do everything possible to live a more joyful life? We don’t turn back in making the decision to embrace happiness and feel it in our atmosphere whenever we please.

Between “choosing” and “deciding,” it’s time to decide. No more excuses. Enjoy the week!

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