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Why doing a 30-day challenge with others, and succeeding, may have been the best decision of my life

We all want change in our lives- here’s how I guaranteed it.

I get distracted easily. Whether it’s through social media, friends texting me, checking e-mails or even my cats walking across my lap. This carried over to various goals I wanted to accomplish this year.

It was easy for me to sit down at a point in time and layout what I’d like to have in my life and GET EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT and feeling the result. However, I’d keep getting distracted and find the excuses not to do it.

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After joining several mastermind groups and courses this year, I noticed a theme. A few them promised that if we put in the work and took the steps as required, we would get our money back. Those were the ones I joined because I figured it’d be easy to get my money back!

Unfortunately, because I had joined so many groups and courses at once, I had only stayed consistent with one of them, Ben Hardy’s ACCELERATED MOMENTUM PROGRAM. I wasn't just in it for the money, but had I not been excited by the incentive to get my money back, I wouldn’t have stayed involved. Fortunately, I learned more this year from his program about mindfulness and goal-setting than some executives and business owners/high achievers learn in their entire lives!

From his program, we learned the concept of SPRINT GOALS, where you move faster toward a goal than you ever thought possible. Then, an epiphany came to me. I wasn’t making a BIG ENOUGH COMMITMENT to force myself to take action and follow through on the goals I had set out for myself at a fast enough rate! As September came around, I was determined to not hold back and change this habit/thinking.

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So, I proposed the challenge to my community of friends and family of putting a goal of how you’re going to increase your health, wealth, and or happiness every day for the duration of the month. Then you deposit a significant amount of money into the common pot. Then make an entry on the assigned website every day of how you’re making progress towards that goal and on 1st of the next month you get your money back! If you miss a day, you forfeit your deposit to the winners and if someone else loses, you get your deposit back along with a portion of theirs divided among the other winners.

Because of this system, this last month I accomplished:

  • No dessert for the whole month and working out at least 4x per week
  • Learning “Twist and Shout” on the guitar
  • 3 sunrise hikes
  • Hosting a paid public speaking workshop
  • Breaking a world record

With this newfound confidence, I’m excited to keep thinking bigger and accomplish more goals moving forward!!

Conclusion: To accomplish goals and change habits, make a big deposit with the incentive to only get it back if you stay on track and make progress towards a goal you’ve been procrastinating on.

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