I like to call myself a writer. It sounds good after all, and the reactions that I see after stating it are unanimously awestruck. People love hearing a young man say that he likes to write, or pretends to at least.

Wouldn’t it be great to be a writer? I think to myself all the time. I don’t even think of a specific type of writing. I could write books, screenplays, short stories, poems, I could do investigative reporting or straight up blogging. It all kind of seems the same to me though.

Writing is the act of putting words on the page. Do we read because of the subject? Or do we read because of the rhythm of the sentences. The idiosyncracies of our beloved author who is taking us on a journey to a land unexplored. In other words, I believe we read because we see a mind that is akin to our own. Just like the reason I write is because I think it would be cool to be a writer.

Writing is a new land that I am creating that I don’t even know yet. When I started this post, I had no idea that I would get to this point. Or any idea if I would even post it (assuming that I do).

Writing to me is like a blessing and a curse. The fact that I can form my thoughts in ways that are somewhat legible to a reader is the gift. The idea that I am not writing in the right way, or that I am not writing at all when I really should be is the curse. And when I say curse, I mean that I am already worrying about the fact that I am worried about writing another post after posting this post (assuming that I post this).

So whats the big deal? You may be asking, or I may be asking. Let me try and explain. I want to be heard. Its intrinsic, its almost a part of me. A part that I sometimes hate, but a part nonetheless. I love my thoughts, my intuitions and my mindless ranting. Everyone else should too. Right? If you made it this far than maybe you do. Or maybe you hate them so much that you had to read on just to see how much more you could possibly end up hating it by the end. Same thing in my book.

Well I guess this means this got posted and I have nothing else to say for myself at this point that signifies the end of this mindless, formless and somewhat therapeutic post. Hope you enjoyed or didnt get too dragged down by it!

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