A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

Alexey, I have no idea why you think the situation is worse than it was under WJ Clinton and Obama, and would have been better under HR Clinton. All three Democrats limited press conferences and were uncritically adored by most of the media. All three tried to marginalize conservative news and colluded with “mainstream” (liberal) sources, producing for example in the New York Times both fawning portraits of leftists and smears against Republicans — long before Donald J Trump was ever a candidate. NYT, CNN, NBC, CBS, WashPo, Trib, and LAT became fierce competitors to succeed Правда as the most egregious organ of party-line fake news ever. Don’t preach to me about Russia. Our press is adversarial to Trump and will continue to be so until they have lost the last customers for their dishonest rags. After that, I’ll be banging on Fox News to make sure the President that governs is the same one we elected.

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