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At this point, Bill Nye has completely destroyed his credibility as a science writer and educator by citing “Science” to argue every Progressive/globalist policy as if it were a party-line vote. He refuses to see the gradations in scientific certainty; I appreciate in Michael Schulson’s piece the fact that his “scientific” arguments for abortion are sketchy. But while Schulson sees earnestness, I see absolutism and intolerance of quite a vicious strain. Nye’s inability to listen is what left him sputtering and attempting misdirection with Tucker Carlson — this is the most fatal weakness a scientist can have! And even with responsible scientists, no, “science” cannot be our king. Scientific research and data are information to be applied by human beings — by human legislators attempting to balance many issues, claims, and interests. Abortion is an issue with much scientific data but it is a human decision when to invest “products of conception” with the rights of a human child. Nye seems to routinely ignore the critical right of non-scientist voters to make decisions through their representatives about political matters that involve, however tangentially, scientific information.

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