Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs

OK I have to say I really appreciate the attempt to understand Trump voters, and there are aspects of this that ring true but I’ll chime in. I’m a Harvard grad with a Master’s degree, a social and fiscal conservative, a longtime Republican, and a practicing Roman Catholic. Trump wasn’t my preference. I liked Carly, Marco, even Ted more than Trump. I might vote Trump simply because I believe he loves America, but I think that’s true of most all Republicans. The fact is that I view Obama’s exercise of executive orders has taken the country to a Constitutional crisis, a domestic policy with millions abandoning work and millions on food assistance is a self-evident economic disaster, a foreign policy presents American weakness that allowed Russia’s Ukraine invasion and the rise of ISIS. I am extremely worried by events that used be to unthinkable, like the Supreme Court allowing ObamaCare as a tax when the Administration said it wasn’t, FBI head letting classified information violations go unprosecuted, and the IRS systematically targeting groups based on political beliefs. The fact these are associated with the Democrat party in general and with Hillary beginning to end make it imperative to vote against her.

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