If you truly think you have “met Satan” it is highly advised that you seek medical help because…
Grady Broyles

Satan a literary allegory? If I weren’t Christian, I might believe that. However, between the Bible, consistent Church teaching, and discussions with Church exorcists whose experiences corroborate my own, it is all too clear that Satan is very real. Now I understand from your exalted superior intellect and commanding knowledge on the “Abrahamic religions,” and your clear endorsement of Buddhism, you may not take this all seriously. You may consider it obvious that the Christian faith has little apart from superstition, credulity, irrationality, and idiocy. I can’t give you my experience that belies every such opinion, but I can hope for and pray for you to acquire some true comprehension of the divine love that leads Christians to feed, educate, and nurture the world, and the divine power that empowers them.

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