Finding Good News
C.J. Casper

While it’s good to see someone give a takedown to this faulty graphic, treating AP and Reuters as trustworthy is giving them the benefit of the doubt that they no longer merit. They have the writing style down, but choosing stories is as important as writing and editing and, frankly, the ones they miss show a bias towards thinking conservative-relevant events don’t matter. Reports from local sources, which often include more comprehensive quotes from local people, beats newswire coverage of the same stories. And if you think the legacy network news isn’t crap, you’re really uninformed. You give Fox News the usual nod with no detail, indicating your real thoughts are “I never watch the news most watched by Americans, but I’d better say something marginally respectful.” What’s worth noting is that since the election, both WashPo and NYT have significantly corrected themselves, noting as they never would have in October the $90M Soros connection to the Women’s Marches.

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