Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

You were already OK with subjective lies. You are what killed the quality journalism of the twentieth century. You looked at the difficulty and self-examination needed to strive for objectivity, and you gave up. You chose self-absorption and self-gratifying moral superiority, eagerly accepting praise from equally corrupt editors. You think you’re representing the marginalized? Try actually understanding an American who attends a Christian church weekly. Try understanding the traditional notion that sexuality is subject to moral examination — especially self-examination — rather than a innocuous pastime. 60 million Americans who voted for Trump and I are telling you: do your job! Stop patting yourself on the back for vilifying people because they don’t think like you, and report honestly on what you see. Demand of yourself that you try to understand an opposing view and the concerns it manifests. Don’t just ask the questions Al Sharpton wants you to ask, ask the questions Ben Carson wants you to ask. Never settle for a loss of objectivity — objectivity is the only soul journalism ever had.

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