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1:1 Coaching the Coach Program is a proven turbo-booster, quarterly coaching cadence with aspiring coaches who want to be certified coaches, and currently struggle with coaching agile teams. I help them turbo-boost their agile coaching superpower so they can transform agile teams — faster, more sustainable, and with greater confidence.

I help aspiring agile coaches become certified agile coaches via an accelerated mentoring plan — so that they can start transforming agile teams and make a real difference.

If you want that Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) badge, and the rewards that come with it, yet you are struggling…

Recently, I have written an article on the confluence of Design Thinking, Design Sprinting, and Agile Development. Here’s two illustrations to jump-start what I am talking about.

First, on the mind-mapping exercise (see below).

Companies like Apple, Google, Spotify and Netflix are great examples of successful product design and development execution. They are at the tip of the iceberg. Most of us are not Apple, Google, Spotify or Netflix. We struggled. We failed. Momentarily, we thrived, however fail again to gain that needed traction or breakthrough.

These are challenges of our times — for most of us who are working in the data products domain. Why is that the case for most of us?

We tried to stamp out complexity instead of harnessing it.

We are seduced by the conveniently availability information (often times…

There is a need for a new space to think, discuss, and act. This need are being felt by the majority of AI / ML / Data Product Managers out there. They are exhausted by the ever increasing data volume, velocity, variety, variability, and veracity. This has created a sense of loss touch — what we are building is no longer grounded on what is needed or desired.

This is what we called, and hope to further discuss in this article — the experiential gap.

This experiential gap often separates the product developers who are building products from the people…

For data scientists, our world is bounded by what data we have. Each time we gain new features or predictor variables, our well-trained models will need to be retrained and our models become more valuable (hopefully, that’s the case).

Each time we gain new features or predictor variables, the edges of our data world expand. These are exciting, yet challenging times. When we are gaining more and more data, we enlarge our sense of possibility. Our range of so called known universe of a particular subject expands.

After many years of working through various datasets (Read: false starts), I have…

Consciously or unconsciously, we are living in the age of hyper customer reviews. Customer reviews have become the new currency for companies who have the know-how on capitalising customer reviews as a competitive tool. Customer reviews as a standalone tool is not competing head-on with traditional corporate branding and marketing efforts — rather it enhances the branding and marketing in terms of providing actionable insights (e.g. what the customers are suggesting), real time feedback (e.g. most customer reviews are fairly recent experience recollections), and high contextual depth (e.g. …


Quite often, data scientists that I have met so far said that they jealously guard their waking hours to work on things that makes them feel good. Obviously, the next question that I asked them is “what do you mean by feeling good”? And here is The Feel Good List of Data Scientists (this is not an exhaustive list) that they have shared with me over the past few years:

  • Developing new predictive algorithm (Read: I want to be a creator!).
  • Translating vast amount of data into data storytelling (Read: I want to tell the world about my work!).
  • Productioning…

I have been working through a few data science workflows, in areas as broad as socio-economic on universal income to peer-to-peer lending on LendingClub.

What can I design and develop based on the new algorithm or predictive model that I have just produced? That’s always been my ultimate goal.

Let’s get into the mindset of a Product Data Scientist — someone who can design and develop some kind of product or service out of data science results (i.e. new algorithm, new engineered feature, or new predictive model).

Let me put this straight out there where Product Data Scientist to sit…


Leaders always ask if agile is best for every type of problem, or if some problems naturally lend themselves to a more traditional waterfall approach.

In my opinion, the push for greater team agility is aim at problems pattern where there exists some degree of uncertainty and complexity, and the ability to change direction if you learn or get feedback on something new about what you are working on.

Scrum Alliance has recently launch the Path to Coaching. The main long-term Scrum Alliance goal for coaching: 10K Certified Coaches. The Coaching Program helps us learn about the best way to…

I attempt to understand and provide insight into a contemporary issue revolving the debate of basic income. This issue is getting more prominence in mainstream and social media. This heighten publicity is due to the emergence of Future of Work -combinations of increasing workplace automation, growing gig economy, widening income inequality, and declining economic mobility. It is predicted that the Future of Work will likely to displace a large population out of work. Therefore, this increases the likelihood of social unrest, among other negative social implications.

The concept of basic income (also known as universal income)…

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