Star-Struck Launchers

“Congratulations from Launch Academy” read the subject of the email I received merely a few hours after I had completed my interview. And from there the email proceeded to complement me on my energy and excitement expressed during the interview. Yet the joy of acceptance was absolutely nothing like in the movies. There was no throwing of my hat into the air, exclamation of “yahoo” shouted, immediate sprint to tell all my family, friends, and the world about this, there was simply a sly glance down at my phone, and a flash of a smile before flowing back into the workday.

There is an odd solidity to the moment in time at which such an email is received. The part of your brain that has been so preoccupied and invested in preparing for the interview has no outlet once the interview is complete and hangs in limbo simply pending, awaiting resolution, for better or for worse. And when that resolution comes, in an instant the tension that has built up physically and mentally over the entire preparation period is suddenly released. The unconquerable anticipation hangs heavy on the mind like a slightly damp winter coat, not necessarily hindering but making everything a little more cumbersome than it ought to be. But it makes the shedding of the coat, the release, that much sweeter when it occurs. Waiting without knowing exactly what to expect causes every little buzz of the phone or email notification get the heart beating and warrants a sharp breath in as the notification is unearthed. Or at least that’s how it should be. My experience was much more transcendental.

Reading my first email from Launch Academy evoked less of a corporeal or visceral reaction, and more of a glow. Thats the best that I’ve got. A glow. The email that I received after my interview happened to also be my first notification of any sort. The wait time was so brief I didn’t even have time to build any sort of suspension, and when I snuck a peak at that email on my phone under my desk at work there was no crystallization of time in my life, I have absolutely no idea what time it was or even what day it was. What I do remember is the whole period of time leading up to and after the interview feeling like I was simply beaming.

It started the evening before I was to have my interview. I had been preparing by reading Chris Pine’s learn to code 2nd edition after having already completed code academy’s ruby course so felt very well prepared to speak about the relatively simple required project, and had simply made up a 5 minute talk on the spot the night before about poetry, about which I was equally unworried. Being a recent college grad, a 5 minute talk about some poems seemed more like a fun task than anything to get worked up over. Do you like talking about things that interest you? Of course. So naturally I was thinking about this fondly as I walked home from work, when suddenly some people started shouting across the street pulling my attention away. But the residual pleasantness never left, and as the shouting subsided and I resumed my contemplative walk I had a very whimsical moment in which I wondered why I felt like had a date the next day? What had I been thinking about? Only to realize amusingly that it was in fact my interview.

This feeling of elation was unceasing. During my interview I had a blast, and left feeling like I was already part of the team. The interviewer was fantastically cool (Although the interviewer is probably not used to being regaled with Shakespearean love poems, he at least feined interest in what I know most people find quite cryptic. And looking back on it, it seems as though I made quite the fitting choice [O fate, you sly angel you!]) and welcoming, and I honestly felt like I had found where I truly belonged. I had been biding my time and had at last come across a career that I could finally date seriously, dare I say already even marry. I had flirted with several ideas prior to launch, business school, office manager, teaching certification school, farmer, but even after having studied for the GREs for an entire summer, I had never been able to commit. When I had a friend tell me about Launch Academy it was love at first thought, and I was smitten as a kitten. Armed with fate, when I read “Congratulations from Launch Academy” that lovely day there was no sudden jerk of emotion, but rather a continuation of my magical journey. It was not the happily ever after of a fairy tale, and no frozen in time moment that I will remember crisply until I die sprouted in my brain, but rather another piece of a pleasant blur of my wonderful life’s puzzle was set into place.

I went home that day and spent a couple hours coding just as I had every night, and haven’t stopped since.

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