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I am a computer scientist with plenty of experience building websites, apps, and such; However, my skills in machine learning and working with data leaves room for improvement. Therefore, through the process of exploring various datasets and documenting my methods, I hope to improve my data science skills and teach others who may be in a similar position as me! :)

The dataset we will tackle today is a small toy set called the Balance Scale set. It’s a classification set describing the weights on a scale and predicts if the scale is balanced. The reason I selected this is…

As one browses Kickstarter or Indiegogo or listens to conversations in grassroots startup communities, they may notice a pattern. Someone will start off an elevator pitch with “imagine if…” or “what if you could…” or “its like [successful product] but for [alternative market]”. Then people respond to the idea, usually along the lines of “oh cool” or “that’s so smart” and the utility of the conversation ends. The audience will go home and promptly forget all about the idea; while the pitcher will leave and think that they have a “cool idea”. They will proceed to start arranging development or…

When I finally decided to switch from the antiquated Angular to React, I ran into a problem of finding a right learning resource for me. Many existing tutorials and guides relied heavily on generators or scaffolding tools which are valuable for development but hindered my learning. Therefore, after grinding my way through the new libraries, I decided to write my own for those that learn like I do. Source code link is provided at the end.


  • Basic understanding of HTML/CSS and JavaScript (ES5 preferred)
  • Basic understanding of shell commands
  • Node and NPM installed on your machine. See here:

The story of the $500 million mistake.

Bug: an error or flaw in a computer program that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result.

Ariane V on the launchpad of launch zone 3 in 2002, courtesy of the European Space Agency

It was a quiet and slightly overcast morning on June 4th, 1996 on the coast of French Guiana. A tall, white and round structure stands proud on the launchpad amongst a forest of communication and support towers. Engineers and technicians milled about the rocket with an air of anticipation and professionalism as they prepared the sleek spacecraft for its final moments on Earth. In just a few moments the Ariane V, a rocket built by the European Space Agency, would take…

Andrew Xia

I like tech things ●

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