Programming Horror

Getting to put down a sequence of instructions in order to tell a computer what to do seems to be the easiest part to ordinary citizens. But what they don’t know is that these instructions have to be converted into a language that the computer can understand called Binary Language.

Binary languages do not come easily. It involves a series of codes which take up time and space to execute. But in order to develop these series of codes one has to go through a series of ‘breaks and makes’ in the sense that sometimes we hit a rock bottom. We get to develop a complex code which has to pass in the end but sometimes we go through horrific experiences to make this code pass. This can either break or make you.

Being a junior programmer with no vast experience can be a challenge to many. But having been able to work with Andela for the past few days helps make this experience worthwhile. You need to deliver, not because someone is pushing you, but because of the beautiful environment Andela has set for its learners. This is where I want to be, because this is where I belong; in an environment that makes me feel at home even with pressure that I don’t to feel at all.

Andela is setting the trend. Andela is building a culture of brilliant minds.

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