How social networks & online services changed the look of the logos

I was thinking on Lee Clow words in interview for a film “Art & Copy”. He was talking about people & things that changed advertising business.

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‒ How big do you want a logo sir?

One phrase describes everything that’s wrong with the advertising. It uses by people who do everything to making money out of client by giving them what they want. It’s a kind of formula that makes so much bad work.

It makes no difference how big is logo to create a good add. First you should focus on “Big idea” & communication message. And when you got it the rest is a matter of technique. “The rest” I mean advertising material like website, posters, banners, video…

People like George Lois, Lee Clow, Mary Wells and many others changed advertising business & the business it self ‒ they were the pioneers who shaped the modern era of consumption.

But let’s go back to the logo & focus on a simple thing ‒ it’s size.

‒ Do you really think you can set a logo size?

The answer is “No”. Not just size, in fact you can’t even influence on its shape, because of social networks.

Social networks & online services like “facebook”,”youtube”,”instagramm” are very important channels of communication with customers. In some cases they are independent & the only ones.

Brands and companies use social networks for publishing news, photos, videos, creating events, building strong relationships with customers by joining them into groups. Official accounts in social networks is a thing that “must be”.

And it changes everything.

Social network as an IT product has its own strong rules & standards. A standard size for avatar, wallpaper, page background, post size etc. Most of them are very similar & subject to the same laws.

A “square” principle.

In any popular social network there’s a place for company logo, the same place that is used for avatars for simple users. Technically this object is a square. The second popular shape of this object is a circle, inscribed in a rectangle with the same edges length. This object has several scaled sizes that are used in different ways: on page, favicon, post header, comment etc.

So, the “size” of the logo is technical defined by platform rules.

‒ What about shape?

Typographical term logo, appeared at the beginning of the XIX century as a synonymous with ligatures, that is combination of two or three characters. By the second half-century any text cliché was called logo. For example, the title of the newspaper: no need to combine from different letters each time.

This old approach became the foundations of a new trend ‒ logos consist only of letters. It’s easy to upgrade & coast less to support.

Logos looks simple & great on traditional materials like build boards, magazine pages, print posters but fails on digital media.

Can you define brans?

The more the shape of the logo similar to a square the more it feels better. Thats are restrictions imposed on logos in digital world.

One of my last works

I was working on logo for “SmartTelPlus”

Easy to make
Circle logo in Medium
Square logo in Facebook