Y2017 in numbers

More than two years ago I started to log my time against tasks in addition to all my other geeky life tracking and planning tools. It is a handy tool to check whether you spend your energy and attention to the things that really matter for you. And since you only track the real time you spend doing something meaningful, it is a true revelation on how much time you actually do something.

The end of December is the time I look at those numbers from Toggl and other apps and reflect on what happened in that blink-of-an-eye moment between December 2016 and December 2017.

  • 361 hours were logged for our Precious Payload space launch project — nice, wish it could be more
  • 90 hours on consulting gigs — mainly two major projects that were accomplished, also nice, but the return is just money and relationship, not many things that I learnt here
  • 90 hours logged against new investments and managing the existing ones — not bad considering the returns, but wish I could add those 90h from consulting projects
  • 121 total hours logged against 2 other space-related projects — I consider this as a time spent to understand that Precious Payload is the One Big Thing that is worth doing full time; 120h could be cut in half, though
  • 76h logged against daily/weekly/monthly planning—this is nice, worth every minute
  • 45h on studying — learnt how to play piano, improved my horseback riding, studied private equity and financial planning; sad, should be at least 120h
  • 22h meditating — was lazy during travels
  • 262 days are journaled — this is amazing, wish it could be 365; every emotion, idea, observation and event is captured; I enjoy re-reading it every month; makes you reflect on all events and slow the time flow
  • 75h for personal financial planning, bookeeping and accounting — could not do it without my assistants, love you! Nice to have everything in order
  • 175 scheduled calls in Zoom/Skype/phone
  • 5:30AM is the default time on my alarm clock now—nice improvement comparing to 8AM in 2014
  • 3 new business partners I enjoy spending every minute with—Andrey, Venkat, Torsten, you are my rock stars!
  • 1 thing that I mention most often in my journal — how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family. The rest does not matter.