Moving existing API from REST to GraphQL
Roman Krivtsov

“REST (as well as SOAP) doesn’t separate concerns of transport, security and data logic”: SOAP doesn’t separate concerns of transport, security and data logic???!!! You are so misleading the people about SOAP in your article. I know this tactics — blame big time the old stuff. In my opinion GraphQL, to some extent tries to replicate some elements of SOAP standard. GraphQL is so inconsistent and still weak in covering many features.

“ hen imagine, that we have to find user with names Homer OR Marge” !??
OData does it, out of the box, where as in GraphQL you have to code it in special way.

“Problems with data updating” — read OData specification. OData is REST!!! Oops.

“Handling REST on backend” — I created fully working PoC OData Web services in 10 minutes with support of filtering by any fields and complex logical clauses, ordering, joins, aggregation.

My main point here is that I am not proponent of OData or REST and I am not against GraphQL, but before writing such articles, read and check what other options available and provide objective comparison and information. Otherwise it shows your incompetence.

P.S. Here is comparison of OData and GraphQL The resource is in favor of OData, but discussion below on that page shows that GraphQL is still doesn’t cover many aspect.

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