New Chrome Extension for Adobe Experience Cloud

Andrey Osadchuk
3 min readOct 30, 2018


Run Adobe Analytics, Launch, DTM, Target and other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions in one click with the new Chrome extension.

Adobe Experience Cloud Bookmarks Chrome Extension

While working on many various projects I used to build long list of bookmarks to get quick access Adobe Analytics, Target, DTM, Launch, Audience Manager and other Experience Cloud pages.

One day I realized there should be better way to access desired solution page in one click, and developed an extension for Chrome to access any solution or core service without necessity to open the Experience Cloud home page.

Now the extension is available for everyone in Chrome web store

Install the extension and add at list one organization to start using it. A click on the extension icon will open bookmarks as shown in the screenshot above.

How To Configure?

Click on the extension icon once installed and Click here to get started :)

first run of the extension

This will open extension settings on a new tab

extension settings page

If you do not know your organization tenantId (subdomain), log in to Experience Cloud and examine the address bar.

Organization name is what will be shown in the experience cloud selector to switch between different organizations.

Organization ID is required only if you have access to Experience Cloud Admin Console of 2+ organizations.

example of how the form should be filled in

You can add as many organizations as you want.

Click on the extension icon, select the organization in the drop-down menu and click on any of the links (will be opened in a new tab).

Solution icons open corresponding landing pages (Adobe Analytics landing page, Target Activities page, Audience Manager dashboard, etc.)


Experience Cloud Login page may be opened if your authorization has expired. A solution or core service landing page will be opened otherwise.

Download now

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Andrey Osadchuk

Adobe Experience Cloud Expert, Consultant, Instructor: Adobe Analytics, Experience Platform Data Collection Tags (AEP Launch), Target