The Future of PauperHS

Hello to all of you Pauper fans out there :)

I’d like to start off with a warm thanks to Khell, whose initiative resulted in an influx of new members to our community. Additionally, I would like to extend a thanks to those new members, for bringing our community some exciting new blood and expanding us many more times beyond what we were previously.

When I logged into Discord earlier today, I was caught off guard, as was most of our Staff, by the mass influx of new users. Over the course of today, we have been working to catch up and continue providing everyone with an amazing community to play our favorite Hearthstone format.

As you may have seen, our Staff team has grown as well, with both new and old faces showing themselves in Discord. As a result, we are able to run more events for our users, as well as working towards expanding our community even further.

I have to apologize to our users who play in this month’s Pauper league, but it will be cancelled, so that we may better prepare for the next month and influx of new users.

For you, the user, I have some requests. Each one of these that you are able to fulfill will allow our community to grow even more :)

First, we would like more users to subscribe to our subreddit:

Once we gather enough subs, we will be able to partner with Discord, meaning a higher quality server, among other things.

Second, we would like to host larger tournaments, but that means we need players to play in them :)

If you would like to join a tournament, follow the links below:



Although we aren’t able to offer any real prizes yet, we hope that an increased number of players will mean more interest from sponsors.

Third, stay active in our Discord. Participate in the conversation and play some games of Pauper. That is how our community will grow and remain strong :)

If you have friends who have never heard of Pauper, invite them to play a few games, as a break from the grind of Ladder.

If you have the time, help us with our never-ending quest to study the format, and input some games to our research spreadsheet:

Once more, I thank you for joining our community, and I hope that we only continue to grow.

Look forward to announcements about a monthly Pauper league next week, but meanwhile, enjoy those games :)

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