Honesty as a Marketing Strategy

For more than 3 years working as a product marketer I’ve learned a lot about marketing. I came from a technical background (I used to be a software engineer) but just recently I’ve realized the value of numbers: analytics is essential in marketing. However the most important lesson I’ve learned about marketing surprizingly is honesty.

Imagine you’re at a conference talking to someone about your product:

This is the best product on the market, it solves any problem (you may have). You should definitely give it a try. What, it didn’t work for you? Impossible!

In real life people’d tell you:

Stop bullshitting, and just tell how the product solves my problem (if you really think I have it).

You’d never talk to people this way, right? Still most marketers tell about their products this way on their websites. Why?

Wikipedia says:

Marketing is communicating the value of a product to customers, for the purpose of promoting that product.

This definition is very general but to me it sounds very accurately. Communicating is exchanging information rather than pushing it.

I’m really ashamed that in past I thought that by using the words “best”, “most” and “exciting” I convince more people to give the product a try. In fact the result is the opposite.

I’ve written a lot of content and found that the most efficient content is always the content that gets down to the point, without any exaggerations. The more honest you in communicating the value, the more people actually get what you’re trying to tell them. This turned out to be a surprise and real salvation –because otherwise I would probably quit marketing.

Fooling customers is not efficient marketing strategy.