Not to Fear the Future is Here!

Singularity approaches and it is greeted by the new BIG Three. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual/ Augmented Reality.

As the most intelligently (consciously) advanced creature on the Planet, we have historically experienced moments in which we break the “Hamster Wheel” in which we have been previously running. Breaking these cycles is something called achieving singularity. Singularity in itself is a point of infinite continuation / a point of no return so to say. When Humans achieve a new level of singularity, the stage prior to it become obsolete. Think of it in terms of trying to explain cell phones to Romeo and Juliet or the Nuclear Bomb to the Spartans.

Now, as the previously regarded “year of singularity” approaches (2020), we begin to wonder, how much further can our current technology go? Is the technology we have today getting close to its pinnacle? Is this really it?


If we take a realistic view on our current total technological capacity in regards to our total possible potential, we realize that we have only begun to scratch the surface of our technological development. Dear friends, what seems to be coming to an end is the current computational power threshold (which by the way is going to be supplemented with Quantum computing- but that is for another time).

Right now, 2017 is coming to an end; but what the year has done for us in terms of technological development is staggering. 2017 has brought into fruition the previously disregarded technology of Blockchain, took the next step in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Strong developments found by Google and Facebook. (Here for FacebookHere for Google), and of course the newer developments in Augmented/Virtual reality (AR/VR).

To actually open up the gateway to understanding where we are,we must first understand what these things are:

So, what exactly do these things have to offer us? Perhaps the best thing that we can do is avoid all technological dips and dives and just project and image that we can all understand. Let begin:

3. Virtual/Augmented reality is possible the most productive and conducive technology to human development. By created altered reality (powered by digitization) our current limitation loosen up. Lets try to project an option: For VR — people have psychologists and they love seeing them, but they don’t like other people to watch them go to their Psychologists, and the travel to and from the Psych takes too much time. What can we do? The User and the psychologist put on their gear, enter a platform where they both see holographic projections of one another and let the session being. For AR — You’r playing basketball. Your not too bad at it, now imagine in this gear an “Iron-Man” like screen is present, layered over the real world that tells you when to shoot the ball and your odds of making a point based on factors that we just don’t take into account while playing( game level? Over 9000).

Friends, all of this may seem like a lot and maybe to some even too much; however we must realize that we have a few options at hand. We can fight against these technologies and most probably get left behind, or we can learn them and then utilize them as leverage to improve our own qualities of life.

Welcome to the future, now head held high and consciousness in check, we blaze the trail into the future!



🌹 Met Bitcoin in the summer of 2014 — the rest is history 💎 🌟 Crypto, Blockchain, DLT & being digitally Free 🌟

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Andrey Didovskiy

🌹 Met Bitcoin in the summer of 2014 — the rest is history 💎 🌟 Crypto, Blockchain, DLT & being digitally Free 🌟