The Best AI Newsletters

One PhD student’s curated list of 21 newsletters to help you keep up with AI news and research

Word cloud of words in headlines about AI from Analysis of 100 Weeks of Curated AI News
Credit: Mario Krenn


Credit: Inside AI
Credit: Skynet Today
Credit: VentureBeat
Credit: AI Weekly by essentials
Credit: Fortune
Credit: The Next Web
Credit: MIT Tech Review
Credit: Charlotte Stix
Credit: Jeff Ding


Credit: Papers With Code
Credit: Sebastian Ruder
Credit: Zero to Mastery

Research + News

Credit: DeepLearning.AI
Credit: Jack Clark
Credit: The Gradient
Credit: Mat Sadowski
Credit: Deep Learning Weekly
Credit: Montreal AI Ethics Institute
Credit: Conrad Gray
Credit: Analytics India Magazine
Credit: Nihit Desai and Rishabh Bhargava



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