One App Store experiment

From time to time I’ve seen a bunch of companies declining to follow App Store guidelines (uugh, what a badass) in terms of screenshots publication and putting a text message describing what’s going on.

We’ve decided to check if it makes any sense. How should we do it? Glad you’ve asked. Math is the only judge in a business, buddy.

With the help of StoreMaven we’ve created two App Store look-alike pages, with almost no difference except for app screenshots: one page had a description written on top of the picture, another didn’t.

During a few days we were sending traffic to both pages and sit stock-still waiting for statistics to be ready.

We’ve sent around 6500 users to see those pages, boiling over into 120 clicks on “Install” button for the page without text remarks on screenshots and 149 clicks on “Install” button for the page with text remarks on pictures. 3.5% vs. 4.8%. Not bad, right? And I’m sure scaling works pretty well here.

Bottom line: short remarks on screenshots may increase conversion rate*

*experimentally proved.

One more thing. We discovered that people open image gallery less if they see text remarks on screenshots (6.5% vs. 7.4%). Explanation could be simple: user spend less time and “resources” figuring out what’s going on here — text says everything.

Taking into consideration that people spend about 6 seconds (magic number, indeed) before they make a decision and close the page, short description could be useful as air.

Unfortunately, I can’t disclose more information about gallery sequence importance, but trust me, there are some interesting facts for that as well.

Should I say we add short description to every screenshot of our app now?

Aviasales App Store page
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