UX notes: Medium App for iPhone

Ok, here’s thing.

I’m right about to post my story on Medium via Medium App. But I want to make this particular story unlisted. No such option for me. The only thing I can make is public post or an automatically saved draft.

Ok. There are no secrets, let’s make it public.
But I’ve made some mistakes due to my poor English. I have to fix it.

So, how can i edit my story on Medium via Medium App?

Well, after couple of minutes trying, I realized that I’m doomed. Maybe I’m blind, or maybe it’s too complicated for my silly brain, but personally I don’t get how to edit a story in Medium App.

I just want to edit my story.

Highlighting text is obvious, bookmarking story is obvious, deleting story is obvious, but there are no chance of editing. UX disappointment anyway. Welcome to desktop, welcome to website.

Ok, the last one for today. Want to select all?
In Medium App ‘all’ means all in single paragraph without any chances to select ALL. I just wanted to select and copy all my story, but there’s no chances to do it.

That’s really creepy, you know.

Have a good day!

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