The first colonists of Mars were Faust and Goethe.

Married died. Married died. Married died. So it is possible to describe all the 5–6 thousand years or more which mankind more or less remembers himself. Everything else is variations of this. Ups and downs, scientific discoveries, global wars, local wars, the battle for the throne, the battle for the boob mother, all this free fit into the paradigm of “Married died.” Thousands and thousands of times the same thing. Unable to stand it. And other than that, can it be called life in the inside of the base of the midbrain life cycle. Judging by the design structure of man — yes. The upper brain, the neocortex, created to meet the needs of the mid-brain. Just what would solve a little more difficult task of getting out of a banana. What is so sad scratch in the inside it. What is a ghost dissatisfied with their existence in it. What the ban on repetition of existing and such desire for a non-existent before. What a contempt for longer exist or have existed. Internally, the creature tries to forget already know to hide from itself when it has experienced. Up until the incarnation of rebirth through the death of yourself like that. If the craving is so strong, it may be worth to strive in this direction, the direction of the update. Maybe this is a distinctive feature of the neocortex, the top of the brain, so the brain of the average expressed in human life. Therefore, it is expressed in this conflict, the basic cycle and needs to be updated.

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