How I went from zero to San Francisco software engineer in 12 months
Sean Smith

Hey I just want to ask a few questions that popped up on my mind as I was reading this, as I am on a similar journey (but learning Rails).

  1. In Knoxville, did you live with your family or by yourself? About how many hours of work or other obligations did you have?
  2. I think you already answered this, but I assume you had no connections that would prevent this move. Significant other, pet, etc..
  3. Why SF? You’re right, the market is saturated and of all places it would be there and as you say, it is expensive.
  4. Why move to Washington?
  5. How were you surviving the entire time you were between jobs? Did you have money saved (this would be an important detail), or kept low overhead by crashing on couches, or family helped?
  6. About job hunting: What kinds of positions did you apply to? What is your title at current job?
  7. Did you try to apply for companies that do not white board?
  8. Did you try to apply to companies outside the SF area, or was your search limited by location?

Thanks for taking the time to write your story, and answer these questions if you chose to. Have a great day!

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