Living in a open studio of Project management and collaboration

Living in studio has its advantages , everything you need you can reach without too much effort, everything is visible and waterer happen , you will know it first.

And this might be even an ideal lifestyle for some people, especially, if you are living in this studio alone.

But what happen, when this studio becomes a dorm for a team? Or even a place for two people to live together?

Nothing good. Because this people, how likable they are to each other, have some differences in their lifestyle, habits, communications. Sometimes, they just need some privacy to be alone, or to think.This is why we have multi-bedroom apartments and houses with doors. To be able to get some privacy, protection and place for thinking.

In our modern digital lifestyle, we spend more and more time in our “digital apartments”. Sometimes even more, than in our physical ones. And we need to stop designing our digital tools like an “open studio” or a dorm for teams. “Efficiency” as the key philosophy doesn’t work anymore for a digital design.

Now, it is the time when we have to think like the real architects, when they create the real houses and offices for real people — with private spaces, some room for public gatherings and relaxation areas.

if, of course, we want to survive and to keep our sanity.

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