Tonight I’m reviwing 2 movies, The Fault In Our Stars which I watched about 4 hours ago and If I Stay about a week or so ago. Which I heard are based on books that I haven’t read. These movies are perfect, I haven’t seen a film like these 2 in a very long time. The balance in them is heavenly. I’m going to talk about The Fault In Our Stars first, brilliantly acted by Shaliene Woodly, Ansel Elgort and the rest of the cast. No oscar performances (which trust me is a good thing) This movie will bring back those long forgoten and stuffed down feeling/emotions you have. The movie is just beautiful and flows through you if that makes any sense, I love it. (message to you) just let people know how you feel no matter what happened or happens in your life, open up to them. It’s a beautiful thing, a human giving a part of themselves to another.

Now, I didn’t really want to go see If I Stay. I planned to go watch Let’s Be Cops with my girlfriend which I tried to go see with her like 3 times but it never happened. Then we were going to go see Boyhood which was also a great movie (I had seen it a couple of weeks before that day) but anyways, she really wanted to go see If I Stay and I thought how bad could it be? The joke was on me. Just like The Fault In Our Stars it was amazingly balanced which with a movie about an out-of-body experiance is hard to do. Chloe Grace Morets did an outstanding job with this movie and Jamie Blackey whom I’ve never seen or heard of before this movie did an amazing job as well. This movie will make you appreciate, (which we all don’t do enough) so please guys let’s appreciate each other more often.

What I loved about the trailers for both of these movies is they didn’t show much so there’s things that you’ll discover that you didn’t expect. The Soundtracks for these movies are also very beautiful.

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