Hi R “ The S400 is ready to fire 40 seconds after it powers up its radar.”
Francesco Ganzetti

  1. Undetecability of a min-altitude missile: I’m not arguing the point, like I said the S400 doesnt count on shooting it down, maybe it cant, I don’t know, so I dont argue.
  2. Getting destroyed. I understand very well that 25kg payload and 100kg payload are completely different things. I surely wont argue that a direct hit will likely destroy the vehicle hit completely.
  3. You do say that the ONLY option is to NEVER turn on the radar. I don’t think so and I explained why. I’d like to hear your argument point by point on the three defence layers I’ve described. It is very vulnerable while active indeed, but it’s only active for extremely short periods of time orders of magnitude shorter that counter-radar missile flight time. So, I cannot accept that it’s totaly defenceless, because there are very specific technical facts that indicate that it’s not. It’d be really interesting if you challenged those facts with some kind of basis, instead of pure faith in the “defenseless” thesis.
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