Bowhead Health — medicine of the future

Today I would like to tell you again about a very interesting and promising project called Bowhead Health.

We all know that our medicine, unfortunately, is far from ideal. I think everyone has been confronted with queues in the hospital, unskilled medication, inexperienced doctors.

The Bowhead Health project is a solution that we have been looking for for so long.


What is Bowhead Health?

Bowhead Health is a revolutionary project in the medical field. Developers of Bowhead Health are professionals who devoted several decades to the mission — to make medicine more comfortable, quick and quality.

Bowhead Health has been developing an intelligent healthcare device for the last 18 months. Now the company wants to bring the device into production and is looking for funding for this. The use of the dispenser will be quite simple. The patient provides blood flow, which is placed in the test cartridge. This cartridge must be inserted in the side of the device. The device will use this test to interpret these results and send them to a licensed healthcare professional. Based on the test results and quality data provided by the user, this healthcare professional provides recommendations and treatment algorithm. Then the data is saved using blocking technology.

The patient can view this data using the application. Users retain full control, and can be completely confident that personal data will not reach 3 persons, and no one can edit the patient’s personal information.


Bowhead released a token called AHT. A total of one hundred million is available. This anonymous health token can be purchased through the ICO, but users of the smart dispenser can also earn them by providing their medical records.
Bowhead Health has been working on this project since the beginning of 2015. In 2016, the company received little financial support, after which Bowhead Health could seriously start work. This year, sufficient funding must be collected through the ICO. In addition, this year will launch a beta version of the dispenser. In the spring of 2018, Bowhead Health wants to deliver two hundred samples of the test version of the device. In the summer of the same year, the end product will be available to the market.

Team and contacts

The development team consists of professionals in their field. It includes: biochemists, technologists, designers, programmers, specialized doctors, etc.

I just want to wish good luck to this project, because it looks very promising.

I believe that this will be a real breakthrough in the world of medicine, so we will follow closely and wait for news.

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