Astral Projection and Galactic Federation of Light

I had a ‘’dream’’ where I switched out of borders from space time and our present reality, I was traveling with an another galactic family, they called themselves as a Galactic Federation of Light, part of the same genetic like us but in a higher spiritual level evolved, they live in different planets hosted by high-frequency energies and for a long time were helping the planet Earth Ascension and shifting consciousness to evolution until now, also they told me the Planet Earth is the most important planet in the entire solar system cause here there’s endless ways to create new forms of life, for this reason other extraterrestrial lives are constantly visiting and collecting data.
Planet Earth started a process to a planetary transition, leaving the zone that before were hosted by low frequencies since 2012 our planet moved to a different part of the universe where now is hosting new and high frequencies related to the 5th Dimension, so they assured me people are awakening now and receiving a different type of light energy in their bodies working in our entire cells bringing us to a new understandings of who we are.

They brought me to a gap in time-related to 2011’s year where i was still working in the process looking for answers, to developing myself as a person through mentality and consciousness, so I could see me in different real situations where I was living in São Paulo, with friends in parties my work and in my place, with exactly the same friends that were together with me during that time, I could also see exactly the same clothes even the beret that I was using before too.

That was part of process to confirm to myself how we are in constantly evolution, and how the Light workers have complete consciousness and understanding about that, awake people around the world are receiving
messages from their guides and the entire Galactic Family of Light.

Love and Light.


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