Berlin, Germany Report 18.01.16

Local, unrevealed.
subject: extradimensional connection

The extradimensional connection shaped me to keep breathing in a Self taught whispering the word ohm, I could do it from the inside of my lungs, not with the mouth, some internal activate by this frequency, and my body induced me to do, until then I did not know how to do it, but it seems that in a telepathic way I was taught to that and induced to learn.

And with that I felt all chakras energizing, entire full body the head to the solar chakras turning in hot spots where they were.

The place I were immediately was disconnected and got in touch with this dimension, from there I could have the revelation that we did not come from this planet, our souls are from outer-world, but we are here for some greater reasons.

The light beam worked as a codify message, there wasn’t voices but I could save the information in a high technology way to communicate.

we came from somewhere else. And we are on earth for some reason.

We are here to evolve and help people.

We still have the connection with the place we came from but we have to relearn it 
There is a very strong hypnosis energy on earth and this energy keeps people trapped in a negative vibrational charge.

There are others extra-dimensional beings helping constantly the earth.

With this energy we disconnect from our inner vibrational energy and fall into that hypnosis again.

The whole world is going through a very strong spiritual evolution.

Our dimensional world has evolved and we go through a rather difficult process during this.

The OHM is the sound we must use to connect and perform telepathy and also connect to other dimensions

They said that the technology we have today is not from the earth.
But it serves to help people communicate as a limited and undeveloped form far our capacity as dimensional beings.
So when we are dialing for someone else the dial tone and the ohm because it is a resemblance to the actual way we should do where we came from
If you pick up your phone and dial any number hear the dial tone you will recognize the OHM.

They said some songs did not come from here but it was the hybrid beings on this planet that produced
And some songs have the ability to help our energy get into a special vibration
Which also help us connect

Some music has the power to bring us a nostalgia for something that I do not know what it is,
But it’s where we came from
So the longing without explanation.

Helping people to vibrate in this energy and understand this message through their music

We must help to awake the others
The people who need our help
Re-passing love, not in a compassion intention
Without anything in return
And this will further increase our power of evolution and connection
Emanating lots of love energy we will be energized every day and less vulnerable to negative energies.

There isn’t gate or magic world it was a channeling connection through a dimensional being.
I recovered from the message after 2 days, I believe it was a process to unlocked some records through my consciousness.

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