Dynamic systems to adjust your energy frequency.

To reach and calibrate our vibration, we need to master the 3rd and 4th dimensions and all that they mean, it means, we have to control and train the six basic requirements, which are:

1. Love

2. Forgiveness

3. Control (discipline, persistence, faith and constant self-vigilance).

4. Non-judgment

5. Fear (doubt, guilt, insecurity).

6. Thought (cultivate only positive thoughts).

Strengthening self-esteem, releasing and dismantling of limited beliefs.

Processes associated with low vibrations and consciences are usually linked to those who practice judgment, who live in a sense of separation and superiority.

System of chakras and energies of cleansing and healing disconnected.

Learning to use empathy, observing the situation from another perspective but not interacting with your energy and vibrational frequency, thus avoiding to participate with your energy having your vibration unconsciously affected.

Systems of connection meditation unification of the 3 minds: mental, physical and spiritual.

Opening perceptions to higher energy levels by creating and strengthening synchronicity, quantum principles.

Studies and practices are directly linked to healing meditation and energy transmutation.

I dedicate to all dear friends who have entered perceptions of high realms of energy. Love and light.

Andre Fau April 2018.