Lessons for a Planet in ascension.

Gaia integrated.

• Find your soul brothers and connect to them to help each other it works so powerfully.

• We are all moving to the different level of consciousness and when we integrated to higher levels we received assistance from our masters and spiritual guides, it reflects our inner truth.

• Quantum energy and synchronization are definitely connected.

• You can call upon Spiritual guides/angels archangels / Galactic Federation of light to help us, transmutating negative energy, I used to call upon arcturians very lovely and light beings, I learned by guide meditation how to contact them, they can help you to clean channels patterns healing your body. It’s powerful when you get, consciously, that you can call upon them, you automatically accept their reality to come to you as your consciousness will allow too.

• Spiritual guides/angels archangels / Galactic Federation of light.
Ascension masters are assisting and are allowed to help the earth planetary transition and consciousness shift of the mankind.

• Earth is a free will planet, they only will help you when you call upon them. You are totally free to choose between 3rd Dimension and 5th Dimension realms.

• By only the fact you doubt you locked this possibility — lowered level of your consciousness, decreasing the realities that you can accept.

• You have to release your limited beliefs systems.

•We are now facing our duality and our evil soul/side, we can increase or decrease our KARMA depending of your actions and attitudes in this reality.

• All the souls in earth are in different levels of consciousness, some are awake others are not, we don’t judge and respect they will need to live their life experiences to progress and allow themselves to awaken we can’t pull through this process in them.

• All changes that may happen in your reality are related to release old energy and old creation of patterns, opening possibilities to create a new reality. Learn how to proceed and accept. Your higher-self is your guide.

Gaia in ascension
Andre Fau.