Multidimensional Beings

We are all multidimensional beings, crossing the dimensions at will and unknowingly. The higher your vibrations and natural positivity, the higher dimension you are dwelling upon.
Our states fluctuate constantly from one dimension to the other, being in several dimensions at the same time. Very often we live in several dimensions at the same time. However, most of us at the present time are mostly in the vibrations of fear and anxiety, which results in being mostly in the lower 3d vibrations for most of the waking state.

In order to break the cycle of fear and lower density, regular moments of coming back to oneself is needed throughout the day, especially morning and night time. The best time to cross across the magic of dimensions is at sunset and sun dawn, when the Earth’s own transitions and cycles help us travel through the dimensional veils.

There are many people at the moment feel down in themselves because of not being able to sleep normal hours, others feel that the connection to higher self is too difficult, and others again experience weight issues.

We encourage those who have the above difficulties at the moment to do extra physical exercise, to get plenty of fresh air, and to try to come back to your feet and sensation of your back, at regular intervals throughout the day; perhaps on the hour for one or two minutes. Sit or stand in a safe place, and just experience your feet on Mother Earth, your weight, your breath. Listen to your body guiding you in the places it needs attention, listen to your feelings and emotions, even the one that you have no desire to admit to. Just experience your self-be. Let go of negative imagination, let go of the 3D dimension and allow yourself to dip into the higher dimensions.

From this state, you will be able to have a clearer picture of the situation, to let the unspoken messages from your higher self-penetrate into your being, and even to merge your mind with your guides and protectors.