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The Canary Islands have been a tourist hotspot for many decades. But where sun, sand and sea lovers tend to divide their time between the beach and the nearest pub, travelers like you like to experience a destination like the locals do. Well, have we got news for you: there is so much more to the Canary Islands than its popular image suggests.

With a stunning variety of landscapes and enough off-the-beaten-track charm left to last you a lifetime, these seven islands are a hard-to-beat destination. …

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A lot has been said about the perks of digital nomad life. So much, that some have been accused of selling a dream.

While it certainly isn’t a nightmare, it’s time to take a more realistic look at digital nomadism. Life on the road is great and does guarantee some unforgettable experiences, but there are some drawbacks that can make this lifestyle a challenge.

Why this blogpost? First of all, I believe in a makeable world; one where there is a solution to every problem. …

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Las Canteras Beach in the island’s capital Las Palmas. © Alex Bramwell,

The world of location-independent entrepreneurs seems tiny, with only a few spots mentioned over and over again. Bloggers rave about Chiang Mai and Medellín, Bali and Berlin, Ho Chi Minh City and maybe even Prague. But Gran Canaria? Where is that? Does it even exist?

Welcome to the Canary Islands. Politically they are part of Spain, but geographically they form part of the African continent. Gran Canaria scores high in climate rankings, is relatively affordable and is already attracting digital nomads. Here are some good reasons for you to join them.

1. The World’s Best Climate

The Canary Islands, though part of Europe, are at the same latitude as Florida and Western Sahara. With relatively cold ocean current, the temperatures stay bearable in summer (below 30°C/86°F), while the sun is powerful enough to heat winter days to 20°C (68°F) and above. Combined with little rain, this means you’d better pack your t-shirts and flip flops. …

André Gussekloo

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