Caribbean Nights Slot Machine

Andri Setiawans
3 min readApr 11, 2022


Caribbean Nights slot machine has to be one of the most graphically pleasing slot machines I have seen. You can prove it on your favorite gambling sites. Ok with the Caribbean looking very nice anyway it may not have been too difficult to do but they have really pushed the speed boat out on this one with stunning beauty and game play right on top of things here.

The game has a maximum of 20 lines and the minimum stake per line is 2 cents or 2 pence if you are from the UK. With max lines set at 20 and the stake per line on the minimum of 2 pence the total stake is then set at 40 pence and we are looking for the big jackpot which is 5 symbols of a Rastafarian in a car with two ladies.

The sounds are quite calm and you won’t get annoyed with it, it sounds more like a wave coming in and that’s probably what it is, but I can think of a lot worse and a lot more annoying than a calming wave sound, obviously when you win something there is a quick burst of a funky tune which is brief.

On one of our wins which was only 10 pence we are given the option to gamble, this can be done on any win you get with Caribbean Nights slot. Find it on the OLX Toto online casino.

On the gambling table you are given two choices, either bet on a suit of cards which pays at 4/1 or you can go a little easier by betting on black or red, you can gamble only what you had previously just won on the main screen but this can be gambled as much as you like, at least until you lose it that is.

Once, if you click the correct suit or color you can then either go back to spinning on the main slot machine or gamble further. Practice these just on trusted casinos only.

Before realizing what was going on we were then put into a special hidden game of roulette which featured only black, red, odd, even and the numbers 0–8. For this we were handed 10 chips free and 3 spins. The chips were exchanged for cash at the end but we didn’t really win anything worth noting.

We upped our stake to a $ making the total stake $20 to see what occurred and although we did not win anything decent at the start we were then pushed into another room where we had to pick random boxes each showing a question mark but revealing an amount of free spins once clicked on. At some point you get unlucky and we hit the launch button which starts our free spin session.

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After about 3 spins we then got another scatter load which pushed us into 33 free spins and the money, slowly, started to pour in, with a couple of good big hits that were soon over the $300 mark and in the end totalled over $400.

The Caribbean Nights slot is a great slot game to play and you might have to dig deep to get your rewards but I would certainly recommend this to most males who fancy a bit of a Caribbean style slot machine.



Andri Setiawans