The downsides of living at Chicago’s Trump Tower
Ajay Goel

Thanks for the damper on my parade! … I was highly considering to rent one of the $3k-4k 1-bedrooms once my current lease ends, but now I may have to re-think.

I knew I hated the hall carpet, but didn’t know about the shock treatment it gives. Ladies.. it is nearly impossible to wear stilettos on that carpet because you sink in like mud. Forget taking your heels off for the hardwood… you need to take them off in the elevator to prepare walking on that ridiculous carpet. I was there for a party and fell flat on my face in the hallway and scrapped my knees from my heels sinking into it. Granite, it does feel good to walk on barefoot… even to lay on to take a nap if you can forget about all of the shoes and feet that have walked on it.

What REALLY turns me off though is not having 24/hr access to the gym (I’m also nocturnal), no business center for my massive need to print stuff, and no party rooms, which means no resident social events right? And I just know I’d lock myself out too many times by being required to always have a fob for elevators. If I am paying $3k-4k/mo for luxury, I want my life to be easier and more fun, not have to worry about gym hrs or not having a place to host dinner parties.

Not too worried about the move-in fees because that can all be negotiated. Trump Tower rentals are owned by individuals, not a corporate management company, so I would negotiate the owner to pay all my move-in fees in exchange for immediate move-in upon availability, and/or a longer lease. I would also put in a clause in contract that I wouldn’t be responsible for minor floor scratches (I wear heels daily). The owners have to pay the monthly mortgage and HOA fees, regardless if rented or not, so they want turnover as fast as possible. This is why you need a good leasing agent or broker to help negotiate and do the research for you. I recommend the luxury brokers at Agility R.E. ( located in Streeterville.

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