the reality of the ‘zombie apocalypse’ — part 3.

— the zompocalypse ☠

“If you don’t fight, you die.”

The Walking Dead, season 5.

So, it happened.
It happened.

Nobody understands it, but somehow the things are out there.
Zombies”, they’re calling them.

But really, how long will this last?
If you think about it, we’ve all been well-prepared for this by now. All the movies, books, television shows, and research — it did us some good after all. So we know how to handle this situation; don’t we? We kill the damn things. We kill them all. We know where to hide, we know how to get rid of them, and — most importantly — we know how to survive.

The whole point of my research and documenting here is to discuss the realistic zombie apocalypse. So far, I've come to a pretty reasonable conclusion that this wouldn't actually involve the ‘typical’ zombie — the once-dead-but-came-back-to-life creature the media idolizes. So there’s nothing supernatural going on here. It’s all pure life — pure reality. And it seems that we have been well equipped with preparation for this situation.

Let’s just say that something really does and people — many people — are ‘infected’. They’re all over the place, and people are panicking. What do you do first? Find safe and secure shelter away from main civilization. Gather food that will last. Find some means of protection. Brush up on your combat skills.

Now, speaking hypothetically, let’s consider that these ‘zombies’ really are ‘undead’. In that case, they’re just that: dead. Which means they rot. It’s just science. This scenario may have a bit of fantasy clouding its judgement, but this is still real life with real logic. Eventually, they would deteriorate because that’s just how death works. Eventually, there would be no zombies left to fight anyway.

In sticking with the preparation theory, though, we would also know how to protect ourselves. In the typical media-constructed idea of the ‘zombie’, everybody knows you must destroy the brain really ‘kill’ the zombie. That’s that. However, this might be more difficult (in a moral sense, as well) if the ‘zombies’ aren't really ‘zombies’ at all; if they are — rather — severely-messed-up human beings, they are still human beings nevertheless. In the case of a ‘living’ zombie, I imagine people would find better, more suitable ways to protect themselves. Unless they just see it as self-defense. If some person starts running at you, chomping at you like you’re a fresh marinaded steak, you’ll probably want to defend yourself. Probably maybe yes.

All in all, even if this ‘realistic zombie apocalypse’ were to ‘realistically’ occur, it’s not likely to last very long. It would somehow need to overcome the military, overcome our preparation — our obsessive nerding out will finally be worth something!, and overcome Mother Nature herself. It may cause a major dent in our society, but it’s not likely to ruin us completely.

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