You are saying that this new Macbook pro is great tool for (web) developers.
Milan Darjanin

Yes, I still think so. Unless you’re a developer that never has to touch front-end or iOS development (and by extension, communicate with a designer), then macOS has never been the best OS for you in the first place. As you mentioned, most servers run on Linux or Windows, not macOS. However the majority of developers are going to be touching some front end, and so you’d need a Mac.

There is a MacBook Pro model without the Touch Bar, and even if you got the Touch Bar model, you can still configure it!

Terminal isn’t any good? I’m not sure I know any dev on macOS still using the built in one anyway. If iTerm’s development trajectory has been any indication in the past, I’m sure the Touch Bar shortcuts would be far superior than using keyboard shortcuts anyway.

My point is, the Touch Bar is completely config-friendly and app-specific controls can be turned off, so it’s not as bad as some people think.

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