But it’s clear that we may not have been asking the right questions of the right people.
So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

It is very clear that you didn’t do proper brand proposition research. The response you got was emotional, so should have been tested accordingly. It is not hard to get people enthusiastic with an uber-esque / googly story but you want to know the truth. So you should test the gut. Not with surveys or biased focus groups, but as close to that immediate, involuntary response as possible.

We test with brain imaging and behavior, but I’m pretty sure you could have found this out by making a elevator pitch explanimation ending with the name (‘and we are named….’). Show that to say 1000 people online and ask them to write down the first 5 words that come to mind as fast as possible. Make a wordcloud.

Would have cost you 1k…

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