Digest №8. Perfecter, Design System Discussions, Team Bulletin, 3 Mapping Methods, Composition-Based Design System, Gamestorming

Hi! My name is Andrew, and I’m in love with internet digging and sharing some of my findings. As a designer, I’ve spent tons of time exploring new things. Hope some of these fit your pocket and will become useful at the right time. Have a great journey ✌️


A plugin that allows you to use popular math constants to create harmonic ratios in your design.

Design System Discussions: Measurement

Design System Discussions is a webinar series from zeroheight, discussing the most pressing issues in design systems today.

Team Bulletin

A company team bulletin is a remote-friendly way to ensure everyone’s on the same page and has all the information they need.

Why Map in Discovery. 3 Mapping Methods

In the discovery phase of a UX project, mapping provides a high-level view of the problem space and makes opportunities obvious.

Composition-Based Design System In Figma

This article comes with a Figma-playground file, so feel free to jump in and explore the concept.

Gamestorming. Design your meetings like you design your apps

This toolkit helps you lead better meetings using best practices for facilitating innovation.

Cheers! ✌️



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