Week 9: Learning Components in the Cycle

This week began with McCarthy’s reading regarding the different phases of teaching through the learning cycle outlined. Namely, the processes of the cycle explain 1.) why a subject is being learned 2.) what exactly is being taught 3.) how the subject material works and 4.) getting creative and considering what the subject can be applied to.

I gathered that the most essential info from this reading is that each of these quadrants need to be addressed in a successful teaching plan. While it’s true some people may fit into one particular quadrant of learning more comfortably than the other, a holistic plan cannot be developed by omitting any of the quadrants. What I found most interesting in the reading was the practical application of testing what quadrant you’re most comfortable learning in; when creating a team of collaborators, it’s important to have group members who evenly represent all four quadrants, either individually or as a collective.

In applying this to freestyle rapping, I’m finding that a lot of my learning activities will fall into the latter two quadrants. Freestyle rapping is heavily based on creativity and practice — which usually fall in the fourth quadrant. The third quadrant also heavily applies to it, as there are so many different techniques that a breakdown of how they vary is essential to understanding them.

As I begin to flush out more concrete concepts and activities for each of the quadrants, I am keeping in mind the user’s experience of navigating the content and considering how one activity or piece of info leads into the next. I believe my final will take form of a website with downloadable links and a mostly linear structure of information.

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