Geralda Miller: Arts and Diversity

By: Andrina Sanchez

Geralda Miller a lively curator, blogger, and former marketing consultant has completely immersed herself into the art scene in Reno. Her voice becomes filled with passion as she speaks about arts and diversity.

She explains “It took me a long time to fall in love with Reno, and when I say I’m falling in love, I mean I’m falling in love with what’s going on in the arts scene.”

Her love for the Reno arts has grown, since her arrival in 2002 as a Reno Gazette journalist as the Diversity Reporter. She said, “I saw that Reno was really becoming this vibrant, cultural arts scene.” Geralda believes that Reno is unique because it is the gateway to Burning Man, an event that she has been attending for eight years. Geralda spends a lot of time researching Burning Man artist because she has been writer for the art tour script for two years running. She comments, “I think Reno has a long way to go [because] I still don’t think we have enough racial and cultural diversity here in the arts.”

She said that she is passionate about race and cultural diversity, as well as art. Geralda comments that she wants more African American and Latin artist to be involved in the arts and loves to see artist including other races in their work, a passion that has lead her to buy artwork that shows other races. She said, “I want to see brown and black people on walls, I want to see that because when I see an artist doing that I know that they have a worldview. They have gone beyond Reno, they have gone beyond what they see here in their little community.” Later she yells, “Show me the black people!”

Her passion for writing and diversity has lead her to obtain a B.A. in journalism from Southern Methodist University, with a minor in African American studies. She later went to earn a master’s degree in history with a focus on race and ethnicity at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is currently involved in many dedicated art programs such as ArtSpot Reno, a business she now owns and operates as a curator. Most recently she has been working at The Sierra Arts Foundation as the development associate. Geralda said that she is constantly reinventing herself, it is shown in her eccentric career of being a journalist for 10 years, being a fashion buyer and product developer for 16 years, and in her recent career in the arts. There is no telling where her fun and inspiring personality will lead her next but rest assure wherever she ends up Geralda will do it with style. For more information on Geralda and her adventures read for the most update art news.

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