9 apps that’s a must have for getting things done

If you are a manager/marketer/entrepreneur/professional looking to boast your productivity

I wanted to expand on Larry Kim post on apps to increase your productivity posted here. The apps mentioned in the posts are pretty kickass and ones that are the need of the hour but I wanted to share about things more elemental in nature to a professionals life.

These are apps I use on a daily basis from my iPad or iPhone. Most of them have a web and android version as well.


Dropbox would be the first one on this list for me because it’s made my life easier with cross device content sync and like a safe place to dump all the docs.


One of the newest features that I use a lot and would recommend is the ones that let you scan document and store em. Any important document or paper I get, I ensure I scan and Dropbox em before I place em anywhere.

Using this with the folder sync on your laptop if the like the icing on top which makes it a must have tool/app for every professional.

2. Keynote

There is little words can tell on how Keynote has been important to me. I like to make my presentations customised and not used templates and also pretty important that they look good.

Using images or typography is been the key part of my presentations and with keynote, that’s just made too easy for me.

So if you are looking for a kickass presentation tool that enable you to do remote presentations, make custom templates keynote is your answer.

P.S : it’s compatible to ppt files as well

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark has been the surprise kid in the block which surprisingly hasn’t bee mainstream yet. This is one web/mobile tool that’s a must try if you already haven’t. The only downside is offline usage and not being print friendly but otherwise this is a must have tool for everyone who believes in creating a unique storytelling experience for your presentations or proposals.

Here’s a proposal I created using spark if you wanna see it in action. You can embed this using iframe to create websites as well.

4. Adobe post

Adobe Post is the cleanest solution I have found to make custom content from the 100's of them out there.

You don’t need to be a design maverick to use it and it allows you to create simple post for your social media or you emailers or short videos as well.

Again what I love about these new Adobe tools is the amazing simplicity it offers to you and the eye to the detail in terms of beautiful typography usage.

5. Adobe Fill & Sign

This app has saved me time and the hassle of having to take printout to sign document.

If you need to fill in some forms and get is signed and send , this is the tool to use.

You can add texts and signature and send it in a giffy.

6. MailChimp app

I don’t need to introduce anyone to MailChimp. I used their mobile app on the go to create emailers, send em & track performance.

7. Wally

Expensify is great but wally is the one if you want to track both professional and personal expenses on a daily basis.

8. Cloze

After using Salesforce , Cloze looked like a relief in term of managing your leads. A simple easy to use CRM tool that’s easy to use across devices.

9. GifLab

GIF is the format to use in terms of social posts or emailers that’s been more effective. Once you create videos or simply wants to create gif using photos Giflab is the easiest way to do it. The GIF as the start of the post was made using adobe post aht GIF labs.

These are apps/tools I use on a daily basis and I’d like to explore more options if there are any I missed. Please fill me in with tools you feel that I could add this to the list in comments below.