Kitchen consulting: an exclusive agency for FMCG companies

Call out for partners who wish to #learnsomethingnew while you get to #makesomethingnew

Kitchen consulting began its journey in November 2015 with the idea of creating an agency where every member is an equal partner ( of sorts …)

The idea took flight and we started to focus on FMCG companies as a key sector. One of our key client Kitchen treasure’s work can be found here :

The idea died down because of certain priorities and circumstances but now it seems the timing is right.

So I invite experts/veterans with proven background in the world on advertising,marketing and sales to be a part of this initiative.

What is Kitchen Consulting LLP ?

Its a B2B agency that works with FMCG companies ( current key focus area ) in terms of their marketing,branding,sales and advertising activities.

Imagine an agency were employees are partners as well. Everyone has the same accountability and everyone shares the benefit of revenue/profits.

Who is behind this ?

That would be me ! You can know more about me here :

I started and exited saltmangotree , a National level advertising agency that’s now part of the Links group ( France ). Having run an agency for 5 years,I have understood the need of having every member being an equal partner and equally accountable for the victories and failures, for the gains and pains.

What’s the catch ?

The organisational setup is different as every member gets to be a partner of the company. This means that the onus of getting the company cash positive lies on everyone. This doesn't mean that everyone gets equal pay, Pay scale will be as per industry standards but having to manage the company cash flow and business, each members act as co-founders will have to maintain a certain pay-cuts untill the cash flow is stable.

Its like managing your own company but with the risks shared across the table.

Who can be a part of this ?

You can vote not to choose the partner track and stay a regular employee who doesn't have to share the risks but for people who wants to leave their legacy and wants to make something new , this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

There is no experience quotient to be on partner track. the only restriction is that partner tracks work on referrals which means you have to be referred by someone from within the team if you are to be selected for the partner track.

What kind of clients are we talking about ?

We have an in house brand- Pling ( Pling Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd ) and we will scout to work with FMCG companies to start with a develop a niche. After all, if you are meant to learn something new you will need to work with different brands.

What else do we get to work with ?

Other than paid accounts like the above, Kitchen is very active in the philanthropic/social aspects of the community.

We have something called Kitchen CAN that happens on a monthly basis across Kochi,Trivandrum & Calicut. More details can be found below

Thanks Bhai

Kitchen Events & Community Initiative

This is just tip of an iceberg in terms of the details I can share through a blog post so lets talk/meet over a coffee or something if you are interested to #makesomethingnew
You can reach me on
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