Companies are fixated on innovation nowadays. Many have reorganized those ideas when carried by a story (or Ted-style Talk) can move forward faster and with less opposition, external and internal resistance. Companies, be they start-ups or established ones, today are experimenting with futuristic hackathon inno-storms and “innovation garages” to step up their product invention and development. We know that much of corporate innovation travels along well-orchestrated pathways — a neat tech breakthrough, a product owner, and an orderly progression through stage-gate and successful launch. …

Following his successful and value-additive contribution to the EIC, Mauro Andriotto joined the EIT.

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an EU body created by the European Union in 2008 to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate.

The EIT is an integral part of Horizon 2020, the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

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The EIT drives innovation in Europe by supporting entrepreneurs, innovators and students across Europe to turn their best ideas into reality. It achieves its goals through:

(a) training of new generation of entrepreneurs,

(b) developing innovative products and services, and

© powering start-ups and scale-ups. …

When it comes to EIC Horizon project, the concept of work packages is central. Work packages are important when preparing the Horizon Project Proposal and the budget and are a key area that is being assessed by project evaluators.

What is Work Package?

A work package is the smallest unit of a Work Breakdown Structure. When preparing a Work Breakdown Structure using the decomposition technique, deliverables are generally broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks of work. Therefore, the packages should correspond to the Gantt plan of the undertaking.

This process of deconstruction continues until the deliverables are small enough to be considered work packages. Each of these packages should be small enough to help the innovation Project managers estimate the duration and the cost. …

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