How to Hack a Traveling industry and get a 1 day of Luxury Accommodation for FREE Anywhere in the World!

This will be your next vacation if you use this awesome money saving hack!

Already found the place that you desire to visit? Great! Now lets get you a fantastic place to stay there for FREE. (in my case get 280$ worth in hotel booking for 0$)

Airbnb is the best way to book accommodations on your travels from my experience. So all this hack will be based on this service. It will consist of 3 easy steps:

  1. One click FREE gift card
  2. Boost your Airbnb coupon
  3. Decrease the price

The first step is claiming the Airbnb coupon code of 30$ Here. (Note: Airbnb likes to change their discounts from time to time. Sometimes the discount is $20, sometimes it’s $25, and sometimes it’s $35! It changes at random, so you’ll have to try your luck by clicking the link.)

After you open this link: Here ,Click the big “Sign up to claim your credit” and sign up using one of the options presented(as on the image bellow). It doesn’t matter if you sign up with Facebook, Google, or just use your email address.

If you are already an Airbnb user Create a new account via Gmail and use the same steps!

Did you sign up? If yes, then Congratulations! You got your FREE coupon code which is enough to cover the cost of one day stay in some countries. (Coupon will be applied automatically during checkout)

Second step in case if you desire fancier accommodation is to invite other friends with your personal link. For every person that signs up to use Airbnb service you will get 30$ after they take a first trip and 100$ if they decide to host someone. First, suggest this option to everyone who is a frequent traveler, then throw the affiliate link on your social media. This in some period of time will generate you extra credits on Airbnb to spend.

You still with me?

Looks like you want to really get that Luxury vacation! So here it comes.

Third step is: Negotiate! Rarely anyone knows that you can negotiate the price of booking. For that you need some abundance so pick a few apartments of your Desire and reach out to them saying that their apartment caught your eye but is slightly out of your Budget. Say them that instead of 140$ you can afford to pay 100$. On average offer them price that is 25–30% Lower than listed. Sometimes host will agree but in most cases you will get a 20% discount.

After that check the Best Offer out of received answers.

Voila! for an apartment that would cost a 140$ a day we got a Discount and had to pay 100$. From that Our Coupon was applied and our total was 70$. To that we apply the credits you got by inviting a few friends ( in this case 2–3 friends).

And the Total that we have to pay for a Luxury apartment(280$ worth*) is 0$ !

Share this with your friends or use this Coupon to just get the free 30$ if you are too lazy to go through 2–3 steps.

Have an Awesome Journey!

*On average the Airbnb is 2 times better deal than same level hotel apartment in my experience. My personal favorite example is 3 room apartment i booked in center of Verona, Italy with the view on the coliseum in a Wonderful cliche Italian house with bakery downstairs. It cost 40$ a night. Cheapest alternative i found there from hotels was a single room for 2 people with the shared toilet/bathroom for the whole floor for 150$ a night)