Drinking (week 04)

by Andriy Nemchenko

Andriy and Natalie draw data on postcards

No one can survive a week without even a drink of water. Combine lack of liquids with Texas heat (yes, it is still hot here in Sept) and you are signing a death sentence. That is why hydration is a must. But, how much is enough? Here is my week of drinks tracked for the first time using the Reporter app (thank you Nicholas Felton).

Drinks consumed by Andriy during the first week of September 2017

Here I got rid of the axis and outsourced them to the backside legend. I also mapped alternating glassware to a proportionate grid to make it look like a pattern. It was interesting to see Natalie’s and mine approach for this week’s card was somewhat similar. Old saying is true: “All great minds think alike“

Drinks consumed by Natalie drinks during the ten days in September 2017

Next step is to compare how Natalie’s and my week of drinks compared to average Canadian and average American drinking habits. US wins in the beer and hard stuff category, but Canada gets gold in wine category. Here is the interactive infographic where you can look up booze intake by each individual country in the world.

Average weekly alcohol consumption in the United States
Average weekly alcohol consumption in Canada