One day of life in Ukraine during the war

Living in Ukraine during the war, you unwittingly become a witness and participant in events that seem unbelievable in the 21st century. Twenty-four hours without power, heating (it had already snowed in Ukraine), with limited connection — my simple story is about the day after the latest massive missile attack from Russia.

Some of you might know me as a software developer, founder and CEO of the MyLifeOrganized to-do app. These days I am back in my hometown of Kharkiv which I had to leave in the early days of the war. Until yesterday, I was actively preparing a new version of the program. Because of the forced introduction of rolling blackouts, sometimes there is no electricity for half a day, so I have to be doubly productive. Nothing makes you more productive, believe me!

However, on Tuesday, after another massive russian missile strike on the energy system of Ukraine (~70 missiles in total, ~51 were shot down), power, internet and heating were totally lost in almost all regions of the country for at least 24 hours.

Satellite image shows how Ukraine has gone dark in the night. Pic: NASA LAADS

I spent the day cooking (there is gas!), under the light of a flashlight assembling a new handy desk for work and learning to play the piano by candlelight. Romantic mood that no one wants, okay.

The next morning I went to the subway, where there is a backup source of electricity and you can recharge your phone to call your relatives. I was one of the most respected there, because I had a large power outlet, allowing me to plug in a few more people who were waiting in line to be connected.

Charging phones in underground

Our valiant power engineers restored power after about 24 hours of almost total blackout (see above how Ukraine looked from space)! And I am now able to continue working on the beta.

Trying to work sitting on the floor in the underground hall while charging devices

If someone had told me a year ago, under what conditions MLO 6 would be created, I would not have believed him. Russia is thinking about breaking us with strikes on civilian infrastructure. But we are only getting angrier, more determined and more active in helping our army.

My neighborhood. A crater from a shell that exploded 10 meters from my house this spring, leaving broken windows and shrapnel marks on the wall. On the ground floor there is entrance to my current fitness club.

A few days ago my eldest son, wrote me how he heard the terrifying roar of a russian missile flying over his house in Kyiv. I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through what the people of Ukraine are going through right now. But this is our price for the opportunity to live in a free country.

Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine!

P.S. For those who have been asking how to help our team and our people, we created a special page on our website that we will keep updated. For each item, I’ve added an approximate number of minutes of your time on it.



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Andriy Tkachuk

Software Developer from Ukraine. Founder & CEO of MyLifeOrganized - personal task management app.